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Skoki is a young male born in the Bow Valley near Baker Creek almost two years ago. His mother is a wolf known as Faith and his father is called Spirit. See full article


Bow Valley Wolf Faith January 2012

Side view of what Faith would look like without a collar. 

Alpha Female Faith.

Part of the Bow Valley Wolf Pack

January Website 2012 still under construction

January 3, 2012

Like his siblings Skoki is almost pure black with yellow eyes.

From articles and photographic sightings of friends of mine, Skoki and maybe a black female has established themselves in Kananaskis Country.

Kananskis has the perfect ecosytem for wolves.

January 6/2012

Hiking in the snow to observe Elk from a distance can be a slow moving experience. The snow in the mountains can be up to 1.84 feet(56 cm) in places. Yet in Kananaskis country at the entrance it still  seems like fall weather.

Elk sleep, walk and eat almost any where they want in Banff  National Park.

Bow Valley Elk in Banff  National Park

click on Dec. 2011 for more wolf picturesBow_Valley_Wolves_Spirit_2011.htmlshapeimage_19_link_0

the above is not a picture of Skoki

  all photographs by g.groeneveld

58 cm ideal for wolves to kill prey