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Bow Valley Wolves Spirit 2011

Bow Valley Wolves

Photographs of six wolves in the Pack

see more information on Faith click wolf

A 17-kilometre section of the scenic Bow Valley Parkway

will be off limits to people overnight each spring to

protect sensitive wildlife and critical habitat

Alpha Male - Spirit

Alpha Male Spirit and Alpha female

In the spring of 2007, Delinda delivered six more pups. Miraculously, given how little food there was, all survived the winter. A pack that had been reduced to a single member now had 10

The first time I photograph in the area of Bow Valley 2 days before Delinda was killed.

picture from Microsoft Clip Art

Bow Valley Sunrise

December Photographs of  Pack of Six

Younger Black Wolf

6th wolf in Pack.

Turned out to be a Grey Wolf

Parkway restriction to protect       wildlife. Dec 15/2011

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History of the Bow Valley Wolves

Pipestone Pack(Spirit Leader of the Pipestone Pack)

Individuals think it is called the Bow Valley Wolf Pack

It is really called Pipestone Pack(Bow Valley Wolves)

            Writers NICHOLAS KÖHLER | September 10, 2008 |

Bow Valley Wolf Pack(2003-2008)

After Delinda's tragic passing, only splinters of her pack remain. For several months Gunther and Peter weren't sure if any members of the pack still survived in the Bow Valley, but just yesterday, on November 17th, 2009, they discovered that Sundance, one of Delinda's pups from her first litter, has indeed survived and may be accompanied by one of this year's pups (in the absence of Delinda, Nanuk bred with his daughter Fluffy this summer).And so, for now at least, the lineage of the Bow Valley wolves, of Delinda and Nanuk, lives on.                           See full article by John Marriott.